Vital Stream / 水路 (Hi​​-​​Res 24bit48kHz)

by Tomoko SHIMASAKI / 島崎智子

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Tomoko Shimasaki's 7th album "Vital Stream"
Vital Stream --Tomoko Shimasaki's 7th album
She goes back to basics on this seventh solo album, on which she sings while playing the piano. This is a no-concept album, like a new-born baby, its unvarnished music is just the way it is. It will be launched on 19th January 2016.
I've decided to record my best tunes for the 10th anniversary of my music career. However, four days before the recording day, I realised that launching a best tunes album is not what I should do. So I finished my existing unreleased tunes from my past albums, and made this organic new album. --Tomoko Shimasaki


released January 19, 2016

words and music by Tomoko SHIMASAKI
vocal.piano by Tomoko SHIMASAKI


all rights reserved


Track Name: By Revelling / 謳歌 (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
By Revelling      

Don't leave me.
I love you.

Don't leave my side.
Please be back soon.

Don't leave me alone.

How can I exist in this world, my loved one,
If you aren't here?

謳歌 Ouka




Track Name: Hair Whirl / つむじ (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
Hair Whirl     

You're looking at blogs, hunching up your back and inclining your head in front of your PC.
You care about people's movements and sigh.

I'm secretly watching what sort of hair whirl you have, quietly from the kitchen,
Wearing an innocent look and listening carefully.

You want to be recognised and elicit a response, but if it's not given, you want to know the reason.
Don't worry, please come out now. I can cherish your feelings now.

Our meal is ready! Let's eat together. I'm supporting you from the depths of my heart.
The bath is ready. I'd like to watch a film, and I have to set the alarm.
You're checking your smartphone even when you're in bed.

I'm looking at the sort of hair whirl you have.
I'm looking at the hair whirl you have while you fall asleep just as you are.

つむじ  Tsumuji

パソコンの前 首をかしげて 背中丸めて ブログを見てる
人が気になって ため息ついて 

そんな君のつむじを 台所から こっそり見てる 静かに見てる 
瞳の奥の 耳をすませて

認められたい 声が聴きたい それが叶わない 理由が欲しい
もう大丈夫 出てきておくれ 君の気持ち 今なら大事にできる

ごはん炊けたよ 一緒に食べよう 心の奥で 応援してる
映画が見たい ふろが沸いた 目覚ましかけなきゃ
布団の中でも 携帯見てる

そんな君のつむじを 私は見てる
Track Name: It's Not Uncool / かっこ悪くない (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
It's Not Uncool      

Singing songs is for money. Recording music is for money.
Laughing is for money, for the sake of money, for money.
Affection, weeping and acrimony are also for money.
All for the sake of money, for money, for money.
Ah, indeed! It's not so easy. Ah, my days are boring. I didn't expect it.

Getting married is for money. Wanting children is for money.
Making dinner, doing housework, staying up late and getting up early are for money.
Making money is for money, for the sake of money, for money.
All for the sake of money, for money, for money.
Ah, I don't need money. That's a lie! Ah, my days are boring. I didn't expect it.

Making songs is for money. Performing is for money.
Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Twit Casting are for money.
I have to sell my merchandise, T-shirts, tin badges and postcards. And towels!
I mustn't forget to say, "please feel free to check them, to see."
Ah, indeed! I don't think that I'm cool. Ah, my days are boring. I didn't expect it.
Ah, if I have pleasure, I only have one. Ah, I’m glad to see you today!

かっこ悪くない Kakko waruku nai

うた歌うのは金のため  レコーディングは金のため 
笑ってるのも金のため 金のため 金のため  
金のため 金のため 金のため 金のため
嗚呼 まさか 余裕でやってるわけじゃない  嗚呼 つまんねぇな こんなはずじゃなかったのに

嫁に行くのも金のため 子供欲しいのも金のため  
飯を炊くのも 掃除洗濯 夜更かし 早起き 金のため
金稼ぐのは金のため 金のため 金のため  
金のため 金のため 金のため 金のため
嗚呼 お金なんて 要らないよ (それはウソ!) 嗚呼 つまんねぇな こんなはずじゃなかったのに

曲を書くのは金のため ライブをするのは金のため 
FacebookもTwitterも YouTube ツイキャス
グッズ販売やらなくちゃ Tシャツ 缶バッチ ポストカード (手拭いも!)
歌の合間に忘れずに よかったら手に取って見るだけでも見て下さい
嗚呼 まさか かっこいいとは思わない  嗚呼 つまんねぇな こんなはずじゃなかったのに
嗚呼 楽しみが あるとすれば一つだけ  嗚呼 今日 君の顔が見れて 嬉しいよ!
Track Name: Noodles for Two / noodle for two (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
私は眠れない 腕枕を抜けて
カップヌードル 後始末 割り箸を掴む あなたの一番に なろうなんて思わない 無条件に抱いてくれる 赤ちゃんがいれば
“I leave your arm because I can't sleep.
I clear away the empty Cup Noodle container. I wouldn't think about being your dearest,
If I had a baby who held me unconditionally. “
Track Name: Home / 家 (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)

Nobody can comprehend my sorrow no matter how I describe it.
I can't hide it, so I carry it with me.

She was pitiful and helpless.
I thought I have to do what I can to help her.

Wanting to be spoiled. Not forgiving. Doing your best. Not admitting.
Muzzling. Being mad. I was dancing to forget.

Being a good child until becoming grow-up.
Be aware, someone. Swallow. Quick!

Hurry, hurry up! That's enough already.
Wearing a calm expression, I was crazy too without realising it.

La la la, la la la...

Nobody can comprehend my sorrow no matter how I describe it.
I can't hide it, so I carry it with me.

家  Ie

誰にも わかって もらえない 哀しみ
どこにも 隠せない このまま 持って行こう

彼女は 無力で 可哀想だった
私が 何とか してあげなきゃ って 思う

甘えたい 許さない 頑張れ 認めない
口止め 狂ってる 踊っていた 忘れようとして

良い子に してれば 大人に なるまで
誰か 気付いて 呑み込め さあ 早く

急いで 急いで いい加減にして
平気な 顔して 狂っていた いつから 私も


誰にも わかって もらえない 哀しみ
どこにも 隠さない このまま 持って行こう
Track Name: Try Accepting Myself / 頷いてみる (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
Try Accepting Myself      

One by one, I feel uneasy about things because I don't want you to hate me.
I'm frightened of all your words and the expressions on your face.

I'm surprised that I have so little confidence in myself.
It's just like I'm walking on a tightrope every day and all the time.

Whatever I do, I carry this unhappiness, because I always doubt myself.
When we're done, I regret my words to you and our exchanges.

I'm astonished at how my feelings fall to pieces.
I survive everyday by cheating and deceiving myself, dividing myself into pieces.

One by one, I try accepting my feelings, because I'd like to be with you.
The words that I told you and the words that I struggled to keep to myself.

頷いてみる U'nazuite-miru

君に嫌われたくなくて 一つ一つすごく不安
君が言った言葉 表情の全てに 怯えてる

こんなにも こんなにも 自分に自信が無いなんて
毎日 四六時中 綱渡りしてるみたいだ

いつも疑ってばかりだから 何をしても どこか不満
君に言った言葉 やりとりを 後から悔やんでる

こんなにも こんなにも 自分がバラバラだったなんて
毎日 身体中を切り刻み 偽って ごまかして 生きてた

君の近くにいたい だから 一つ一つ頷いてみる
君に言った言葉 言わないで無理した強がりも
Track Name: Musical Figures / 音楽の人 (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
Musical Figures      

Your mind has closed since I expressed my feelings to you.
I thought that we could get along a bit, so I'm sad.

I don't regret saying that, because I was feeling serious at that time.
I can sense your consideration. You're keeping your distance so as not to hurt my feelings.

Ah, I love you, I love you, I love you.
I'm feeling fine, and I miss you every once in a while.

Ah, if music has a form, it takes the figure of you.
I love you so. I will love you forever.

My shaky mind starts to function again because I have expressed my feelings to you.
I feel like I have become a bit stronger.

音楽の人 Ongaku no hito

気持ちを伝えたことで 君のこころは閉じてしまった  
ほんの少し仲良くなれた気がしてたから さみしいな

言わなければよかったなんて 思わないよ 真剣だったから  
距離を取って守ってくれる 君の優しさ感じてる

ああ 君を愛しているよ 愛しているよ 愛しているよ   
わたしは元気でいるよ 折に触れて君を想ってる

ああ 音楽に形があれば 君と同じ姿をしてる 
わたしは愛しているよ これからもずっと 愛しているよ 

気持ちを伝えたことで グラついたこころ動き始めた  
ほんの少し強くなれた 気がしてるんだ
Track Name: Vital Stream / 水路 (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
Vital Stream      

I find and sow my seeds of worry.
I'm laboriously growing them every day, so that flowers of worry bloom.

For the first time, I thought about what I could do when I met you.
I gave a bouquet of flowers of worry to you as a gift.

You were confused, refused it and handed it back.
The smell of the flowers returned to my side, and I realised it wasn't right.

I'm starting to find seeds of my joy.
I'm laboriously growing them everyday, so that flowers of hope bloom.

I give them to your bride at your wedding ceremony.
Thank you for receiving them, I'm glad that you like them.

My flowers of hope grow to seeds of gratitude.
I'm going to enlarge my garden, and find someone to help me.

水路  Suilo

私の悩みの種は 私が探して蒔いてる
毎日かまって育てて 悩みの花を咲かせてる

あなたに会って初めて 何ができるのか考えた
私の畑で咲いてる 悩みの花束プレゼント

戸惑った顔して彼は 断って返してくれた
花の香りが戻って来て これじゃだめなんだと知った

私が喜ぶ種を 私は見つけ始めた
毎日かまって育てて 希望の花を咲かせた

あなたの結婚式で 花嫁さんにプレゼント
受け取ってくれてありがとう 笑ってくれてありがとう

私の希望の花は ありがとうの種に生った
畑をもっと広くして 手伝ってくれる人探そう
Track Name: Day to Day Life / お茶漬け (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)
先に 寝るわね 起こさないでよ
食べた 食器は 自分で 洗ってね
湯船 抜いたら シャワーで 流して
明日も あさっても 帰って 来てね
“I'll go to bed first, don't disturb me.
Please do your own dishes after you've eaten. Wash the bathtub after you've used it.
Please come back home tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

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