Make Miracles / めいくみらくる (Hi​-​Res 24bit48kHz)

by TomokoSHIMASAKI / 島崎智子

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I got goose bumps all over when I was writing the scores of this album, and I realised that music is really tangibly here, even if I only have a pen and a desk. The album is full of pure love. After many twists and turns, I have reached a tender and cheerful musical world. With this work, I'm taking the first step on from the establishment of my own new label. Make Miracles causes the Earth to be reborn. -- Tomoko Shimasaki

「音楽に“ありがとう”って言いたい。」 あったかくてふかふかした、島崎智子6th.albumは9人編成ブラスバンド一発録音 この作品の楽譜を書いているとき、全身鳥肌が立って、 机と鉛筆しかなくても音楽がちゃんとここにあることを実感しました。 レーベルを立ち上げての新たな一歩は、まっさらな音楽愛に満ちた作品です。 前作「バカヤロー!」((株)ミディ)から3年半、紆余曲折を経て辿り着いた、優しくて元気な世界。 「めいくみらくる」は、新しい地球の誕生です。


released November 28, 2016

vocal, piano, glocken, xylophone:Tomoko SHIMASAKI 島崎智子
acoustic guitar, clarinet:Koji ATAKA 安宅浩司 / electric guitar:Norioki AOKI 青木玄沖
flute, tinwhistle:Hiroshi UENO 上野 洋 / trumpet, flugelhorn,piccolotrumpet:Aya KYURAGI 久良木 文
horn:小口 遥 / tuba, euphonium:Taishi FURUMOTO 古本大志
contrabass:Masanori HATTORI 服部将典 / drums, triangle:Osamu Gatz MASUDA 増田"ガッツ"修
handclap, chorus:めいくみらくるず


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Track Name: Tomoko SHIMASAKI / 島崎智子 - Let's Live in Asagaya Together / 阿佐ケ谷で暮らそう (24bit48kHz)
Let's Live in Asagaya Together

We hold a gig in your cheap flat beside the tracks in Koenji,
Sing under the moon while trying not to be a nuisance to the neighbourhood.
In front of the lavatory, you crammed lots of your guitar cases.
The sound of your alarm makes you go out in a hurry, even if your laundry is still damp.
You work like a dog, wander like a stray dog,
And eat quickly-made meals because you feel so tired. But you can't leave your dream.
Let's live together. I love you.
The darkness in your mind is affected. Where is your mind? Come back to my side. Fear of losing, and the strength to leave. Don't compare yourself with others.
While we worry about the future, the end will come. Follow me. Don't look back.
Let's live in Asagaya where we happened to meet each other. Let's walk along the avenue, hand in hand.
I'd like to love everything about you.
Let's live together.
Let's make new happiness together.

阿佐ヶ谷で暮らそう Asagaya de kurasou

高円寺の 線路の脇 風呂無しアパートで コンサート
近所迷惑 考えながら 月明かりで 歌い出す
ギターケースを 便所の前に 所狭しと ひしめかせ
洗濯物は 乾かないまま 目覚ましの音 走り出す
飼い犬みたいに 働いて 野良犬 彷徨って 疲れて 猫飯
それでも 諦めきれない
ねぇ 私と 二人で 暮らそう あなたが 好きです

ザワついてる 心の闇 今何処に居るの 帰って来て
失う怖さ 離れる強さ 他の誰かと 比べないで
未来を心配 してる間に 終わりは やって来る
私に 着いて来て 後ろは 振り返らないで

ねぇ 二人が 初めて 出逢った 阿佐ヶ谷で 暮らそう
並木道 二人で 手を繋ぎ 歩こう
あなたの 全てを 愛したい
私と 二人で 暮らそう
新しい 幸せ 二人で 作ろう

2014©Tomoko SHIMASAKI
Track Name: If You Don’t Guess My Feelings / ロマンス
If You Don't Guess My Feelings

Please guess, guess my feelings.
Do you know how delicate I am?
I'll sulk, if you don't guess my feelings. I curl up into a blanket.
Please guess, guess my feelings.
Do you know how much I bore?
I'll turn delinquent, if you don't guess my feelings. I get a perm, yakuza style.
Please guess, guess my feelings.
Do you know how hard I tried?
I'll snap, if you don't guess my feelings. I make a hole in the fusuma.*
I wonder why, why not?
It's the most important thing for us.
Why won't you do it? Damn it!
I can't tell you my feelings, so please understand them for yourself.
Please guess, guess my feelings.
Do you know how sad I am?
I'll be confused, if you don't guess my feelings. A tear drops, and my eyes are watery.

*Fusuma is a Japanese sliding screen, and the action is the typical paltry resistance of an angry child. It's similar to the feelings of the English phrase, “to throw one's toys out of the pram”.

ロマンス Romance

察してください 察してください
察してくれなきゃ スネちゃうぞ
毛布にもぐって 丸くなる

察してください 察してください
察してくれなきゃ グレちゃうぞ
パンチパーマを あててみる

察してください 察してください
察してくれなきゃ キレちゃうぞ
ふすまに穴を 空けてみる

なぜなんだ なぜなんだ
どうしてなんだ クソッタレ
言えないんだから わかってよ

察してください 察してください
僕がどんだけ 寂しいか
察してくれなきゃ 困るんだ
涙がポロリン とまらない

2014©Tomoko SHIMASAKI
Track Name: Swallow / つばめ (24bit48kHz)

Will you notice me, what and what and what should I change?
Will you appreciate me, what and what and what could I do?
You said I don't need to change anything, but you aren't here today either. Tell me, for you to choose me, what and what should I have?
I'm busy, as you can see. Don't make me say the same things over and over.
I don't have anything to give you except my heart, But it's already worn-out, it can't open.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, bye bye.
It's finished if it has become a thing of routine.
Goodbye, goodbye. It feels so hard, but I don't know what I should say.

つばめ Tsubame

あと 何と何と何が 変われば 僕を見てくれるの
あと 何と何と何が 出来れば 僕を認めてくれるの

そのままで良いと言うけれど 君は今日もここにいない
ねぇ あと何と何が 揃えば 僕を選んでくれるの

私は忙しい 見ればわかるでしょ 何度も言わせないで

あと 君に渡せるものは 心ぐらいしかないけど
ボロボロで使えなくて 開くことはもう出来ない

さよなら さよなら さよなら バイバイ
当たり前になれば 終わり
さよなら さよなら 辛いけれど

2014©Tomoko SHIMASAKI
Track Name: Baby Chicks / ひよこちゃん (24bit48kHz)
Baby Chicks

I'll torment you as long as you live.
He embraces me with an awkward hand. I care about his past loves.
How long is it since he’s done it? Is he a virgin!? ...I can't say it's not possible.
It's a pity for him to know nothing, and he is swayed by his feelings.
I think saying "love equals eternity" seems like a chick which is sold at a night market.
Sit down there and take it easy. You should give your body up to me to do with as I like. Open the window curtain, nobody is looking at you. Look down on me.
I care about his future, such a guy can't tell clever lies.
I think saying "love equals honesty" seems like a chick which is unsold.
Sit down there and take it easy. You should give your body up to me to do with as I like. Don't lick my small breasts. I'll send you to heaven every time.
Sit down there and take it easy. Say it feels good.
Don't turn off the light, because it's late already. I'll torment you as long as you live.

*En-nichi is the day when visitors to temples and shrines can receive blessings. Especially, the night market of En-nichi is very popular, and is crowded with lots of people. People love to try catching goldfish, and eat En-nichi’s special junk foods, like bekko candy and yakisoba fried noodles, etc. Baby chicks ware sold as pets a long time ago. In addition, hiyoko (baby chicks) means "green", or "immature" in Japanese.

ひよこちゃん Hiyoko chan

抱き寄せる手がぎこちない 彼の恋愛歴が気になる
何時ぶりなの まさか童貞 あり得なくもない

自分の感情に振り回されて 何も知らないのね可哀想に
「永遠=愛」だなんて 祭りで売ってるひよこちゃんみたい

そこに座って 肩の力抜いて されるままになれば良いの
カーテン開けて 誰も見ちゃいないわ 私を見下ろして

気の利いた嘘もつけないような 彼の人生の先が気になる
「誠実=愛」だなんて 売れ残ったひよこちゃんみたい

そこに座って 肩の力抜いて されるままになれば良いの
小さい胸を 舐めんじゃないわよ 毎回いかせてやる

そこに座って 肩の力抜いて 気持ち良いって言ってごらんよ
明りは消さないで もう全部遅いわ 一生苦しめてやる

2014©Tomoko SHIMASAKI
Track Name: Self / 姿 (24bit48kHz)

No matter my age, I can't change my personality.
I'm not able to get truly into the role of being a man or a woman.
To meekly and sweetly do something is a circus. I can't continue to do so. I was lamenting, I covet others' possessions often, but have to be patient.
Someone's words, someone's life rhythm,
Someone's memory, someone's proud moment,
Someone's effort, someone's trusting relationship.
I was crying out my truth, every time I pursued others' possessions.
No matter my age, I can't change my personality. I'm here, but am not a child, an adult or anything. I'm just understanding the real meaning of honesty. That is to live cheerfully as I really am.

姿 Sugata

いくつに なっても 変われやしない
男にも 女にも 成りきれないでいるよ
素直に 優しくなんて サーカスみたい 続かない
人のもの 欲しがっては 我慢して 嘆いていた

誰かの 言葉 誰かの 生活リズム
誰かの 思い出 誰かの 晴れ姿
誰かの 努力 誰かの 信頼関係
人のもの 追いかけては 真実を 嘆いていた

いくつに なっても 変われやしない
大人でも 子供でも 何でもない 自分がいるよ
素直って 本当の意味が 今やっと 身体に在る
見たまま 吾がままを 明らかに 生きること

2014©Tomoko SHIMASAKI
Track Name: Lotus Root Pattern / 蓮根模様 (24bit48kHz)
Lotus Root Pattern

I go to Kichijoji station to go shopping, I'm dreaming about living together,
I want bowls with lotus root patterns, so I take notice of them.
I go to Shimo-kitazawa for my part-time job, rather than hesitating when I could quit, I mastered my job skills fairly well, because I worked without excuses.
In my seventh year since coming up to Tokyo, I stop because someone calls me, A friend who I got to know in Osaka gets off the same train.
What have I come here for, left my hometown,
I've never forgotten it, but I'm afraid to remember it.
I go to Shibuya to perform today. This is the first performance of the year, There is only a small audience, it makes me come to my senses.
Please keep cool and look around, you may actually be mortified,
You are offended, sulky and run away because you don't have confidence and are scared about things. I want to live while singing my songs with all my heart in front of lots of people,
I want to sing loudly to my heart's content in front of lots of people.
I go to Kichijoji station to go shopping, I was dreaming about living together, The bowls with lotus root patterns are sold out, they have disappeared.

蓮根模様 Renkon moyou

吉祥寺駅までお買い物 二人暮らしを夢見てる
蓮根模様のどんぶりが 欲しくて目を付けている

下北沢までアルバイト 何時辞められるかと迷うより
言い訳を止めて働けば そこそこ身についてきた

上京してから 7 年目 名前呼ばれて立ち止まる

あぁ私は何のために 故郷を離れて来たのだろう
忘れた訳じゃないけれど 思い出すのが辛かった

渋谷へ向かう今日はライブ 今年最初の歌い初め
全然人が入らなくて 目が醒めた思いがした

ねぇ落ち着いて見てごらん あなた本当は悔しいんでしょう
怒って拗ねて逃げるのは 自信がなくて怖いから

大勢の前で思い切り 唄を歌って生きてみたい
大勢が見てる前で思い切り 大きな声で歌いたい

吉祥寺駅までお買い物 二人暮らしを夢見てた
蓮根模様のどんぶりは 売り切れてなくなってた

2014©Tomoko SHIMASAKI

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